This one is just for YOU….Yes, YOU!

All those who’ve always felt “different”, like you don’t fit in…those Awakened Souls who have been able to Feel & See things as they really are…those who have been awake enough to notice that nothing is as it should be…those who feel alone, walking around in a World full of Sleepers.  This one is dedicated to You, brother/sister “WaySeer/Lightworker”, so you understand why you feel the way you do.

Know that by just being YOU, by shining your LIGHT everywhere you go you encourage other “Sleepers” to awaken, your LIGHT helps Ignite other LIGHTS.

“Never let your SCARS turn you into something you are not”, keep shining & shine as bright as you can!

The World needs your Passion, your Vision, your Creativity, your Irrepressibility…”

Know that YOU are NOT ALONE! For WE are MANY.  And WE are all ONE.  And KNOW, that you are LOVED beyond your ability to comprehend.

Love, Light & Healing.

Crys’ ॐ

“What we fear
is not suffering
or even death.

What we fear
is that we have wasted life.

In our darkest moments
we are afraid our highest calling
will go unanswered.”
~ Garret LoPorto

About crystalfajardoॐ

- Melomaniac Lightworker - Holistic Health Practitioner, Meditation & Qi Gong Instructor ॐ: * Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Tui Na, Cupping, Qi Gong) * Reiki (Shinpiden in Gendai Reiki Ho) * Iridology * Aromatherapy

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