It’s Time…

I will be clearer than water, clearer than Air in everything I do, everything I say and with everyone I come across (yes, more than usual, it IS always possible to be even more transparent than you already are).  The veils need to fall off people & there is no time to waste.

It’s Time to shake things up! Free your MINDS! Free your SOULS!! and let yourselves SHINE! Because you my dear might not be aware of it, but you’ve caged your Minds & Souls…think about it…are you letting yourself flow? or are you letting your Energy stagnate & rust? Things you NEED to DO or SAY but you don’t end up dying locked up inside of you, harming you and your Energy field…and this becomes physical eventually…

Some will not like it, some will understand, some will appreciate it, but above all….it is what connects me directly to the Soul of the Soul of the Soul…You’ll see, and once you understand you will do the same as me.

Much Love, Much Light & Healing,

– Crys’ ॐ


” I drank that wine of which the Soul is its vessel. Its ecstacy has stolen my intellect away. A Light came and kindled a flame in the depth of my Soul. A Light so radiant that the Sun orbits around it like a butterfly.” – Rumi


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