Do what you feel…the rest is unimportant.

What makes you “different”/”crazy” is what makes you so beautiful & so special…the world will try really hard to make you be just like everyone else, they will criticize you & try to take you down…try to make you feel bad about being you because they don’t understand…they will try to destroy your uniqueness, to kill your special talents, they will try to control you.  Never lose your essence, you are IMPORTANT and your “different” qualities are much needed in this world. We need people who are awake so others feel inspired to wake up from this unconscious Collective Dream so we can start Dreaming consciously.  You are not alone, and you are Loved beyond your ability to comprehend.  You are LIGHT, you are LOVE, look inside.  You ARE different because you are AWAKE and you must try your best to remain this way.  Listen to your Heart & ignore everything else. – Crys’ॐ


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