New…Beginnings? Destination: LIFE!

Ahhh the wonderful appeal of the unknown…

Aloha Readers!

I read somewhere that people are not so much afraid of the unknown, as they are of losing the known.  It seems us people fear change in an incredibly ridiculous way.   But why? Change is inevitable.

Have we become so accustomed to following a dull routine that if anything shakes it up and the unpredictable happens then we face complete pandemonium? How awful! No wonder we become stuck so often…. We lack the courage to LIVE!!!  *Ohhh no!!! :-O* !!

But….what if you need to get completely lost to finally find yourself?

A thought has been crossing my mind a lot lately (for the second time around)…and it’s taken a Life of its own:

I feel like a need an extreme change!…….

What if… I jump on a plane and just start over somewhere? New country, new people, and perhaps….new language?  Who knows…the possibilities are endless…


Crys’ ॐ

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