What Are We Creating?

What Are We Creating?
Submitted by OM-Times Magazine on October 2, 2011 – 12:11 pm
By Lois Cheney

What are we creating through our habitual thoughts and emotions? Is it what we are intending to create? When we say we long for peace, peace between neighbors, peace between communities, countries, religions or races, let us be sure to look at where our attention is actually placed.

It seems obvious that we cannot manifest peace on any level if in our desire to do so our words and thoughts seem to “celebrate” and emotionally relive past discords. If we use our energy to rehearse and amplify all of the old disharmonies including various true atrocities that are part of our human history, thereby refusing to release the past, what are we really expecting to gain?

When we hope to enjoy a much advanced level of living in our future, where Love and peace prevail, we must carefully choose today what we affirm by our thoughts, our words and particularly our emotions.

Whether we are willing to acknowledge it or not, we are all part of the one Energy of Life. What you and I project through our actions inevitably affects the whole. If we are willing to send forth the Light of Spirit, the Love that we are made of, that activity becomes a powerful affirmation and force which lifts others while changing our personal experiences.

Adversely, looking for peace, cooperation and Love while continuing to live in judgment, refusing to forgive, offers a predictably unpleasant result.

Let us agree to release the fears, worries and disasters of the past. All of the lessons of yesterday have brought us to the wisdom of new desires and new actions. Come along with me to see the worth in all life right here, right now. For it remains true that at the very core and Heart of each of us is the Spark of the Holy and the Divine.


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