Zen Story: “Waiting For The Master”

“Waiting For The Master”

A Warrior had searched for many years to find a Master that could teach him the secrets of Kung Fu that had eluded him. He could not find anyone to help him further his skill. He decided to go to the Ocean and pray for a Master to come and teach him. He sat for many years in meditation, yet no one came. Like the Ocean slowly eroding away at the shore line, his silent quest had slowly dissolved his ego. It dawned on him then that the Master he was waiting for was actually waiting for him inside his own Heart.

Your Heart is your most powerful guide, there resides your essence, it is your Home.  Your Soul will call to you when you are ready to remember…  Look within! What you seek lies within.

You are not your body, you are not solid matter. You are Light in motion. You are LOVE.  You are part of everything, you ARE everything. Separation is just an illusion. Do you remember now?

Awaken, precious Soul!

Shine your beautiful Light onto this world. YOU possess the Light of a billion Suns within you.  If only you just remembered….awaken! awaken! awaken!

You are always connected to the “ALL”, even though consciously unaware of it.  Thus, you are never alone.  Whenever you feel overcome with sadness and loneliness…just take a moment to connect with your Heart.  Can you feel it? Powerful! Sublime!

Much Shanti & Metta.

Crys’ ॐ

((( ॐ  ))) Om Mani Padme Hum ((( ॐ  )))


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