Soul Connections: Sending Love. ((( ❤ )))

*Namaste* Dear Readers!

Take a moment each day to feel your Heart, connect with it.  Start off by sitting comfortably, closing your eyes and feeling your Heartbeats, then take this moment to feel strong, pure, warm Love building up, growing inside you and then emanating from your Heart and covering your entire being.

Visualize this Love expanding infinitely, building a vast energy field covering everything that surrounds you…reaching out into the world, out into everything (plants, animals, trees, rivers, oceans, the sky, the Earth…), all the way to the people you Love, each and every one of them…or just concentrate on one special person (your choice).

See this Love covering them entirely, filling their Heart…infusing their entire being with this pure, radiant, warm energy of Love….each cell in their bodies vibrating with this Love.  Now, just feel the synchronicity of your Hearts beating as One.

Tell them how much they mean to you, send them blessings of Love and Light and thank them for being in your Life.  Keep feeling this connection for as long as you wish.  When you’re done, tell them You Love them, place both hands in front of your chest in a prayer mudra, ( like this –> _/\_ ), take 3 deep breaths, and slowly become aware of your body again.

How are you feeling now? ((( ❤ )))

Peace, Love, Light, Healing & Much Metta,

Crys’ ॐ


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