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Greetings Beautiful Shiny Souls!

Beloved Readers!

Sorry for my disappearance! Hopefully I’ll soon be able to post things here again.  I have very little computer access right now…as soon as I get myself a new laptop you will see frequent posts here again…

So far I can tell you that I moved to NYC to continue my Spiritual Growth…it’s been an interesting adventure I must say.

I’m currently working as a Holistic Healer over here…so if anyone is interested in Reiki/Energy Healing just let me know…

Hugs full of Unconditional Love and Pure Light from my Heart to all!




Fellow Humans! Your help is needed!

Hello Beloved Readers!

I call upon all your Hearts for some help.  Please know that all Life is Sacred…with this in Mind…let’s be compassionate towards all Living creatures and help them survive the heat of this Summer.  Temperatures are rising high and they will continue this way on and off until Autumn…which means that lots of creatures (birds, stray cats, stray dogs, squirrels, insects, etc…) are dying out there due to the extreme temperatures and thirst!

The solution is as easy as placing a recipient full of fresh water (change water daily) everyday outside a windowsill, a garden, a fire escape…rooftops…anywhere where these wonderful creatures of Nature can reach.  Please be kind and help save their lives!


I ask of you to please, dear ones…tell your friends, family, anyone who might help.  Know that even if just one of you does this everyday you will have saved lots of lives. Together we can do so much! Let us start a Love and Compassion Movement! Please Join Me! Let’s Take Action!

Thank you all for your time.

Infinite Blessings!

Much Unconditional Love and Pure Light from my Heart to yours! ((( ♥ )))


Crys’ ॐ


My Facebook Page…

Beloved Readers!

This is the Link to my Facebook Page “Living in The Heart: The Route Towards Enlightenment”.  Together we can Light up the World…even if it’s one candle at a time.

Much Unconditional Love and Pure Light from my Heart to yours! (((♥ )))

Crys’ ॐ


Special Thanks!

This post is dedicated to a very special reader: monicakay

Thank you dear Monica, your kindness and encouraging words today have kept me from closing this blog.  Bless your sweet Soul!


What do you do when Uncertainty is all you’ve got and Temptation knocks on your door?

About Courage…

” It takes a hell of a lot of Courage and an unbendable, superhuman Willpower to stand alone, when you are so entirely and hopelessly addicted to Love. ” – Crys’

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If these walls…

If these walls could speak, they would tell a sad story about a girl who wears her Heart on her sleeve…

No matter what…

The thing is that you can’t rationalize Love, it’s not meant to be rational at all.  You can try as hard as you can, to find the reason why you Love someone…specially when your Mind is in conflict with your Heart…when you think that maybe you shouldn’t…. but the Truth is, that…True Love will never be a “because”, but a “no matter what!”… This is known as “Unconditional Love”, one can only wish and hope to be so lucky as to encounter it…if you ever find it, never let it go.

– Crys’ॐ


“…so, the thing is you can’t move forward until you know where you stand.  This is why Truth is so important.”

– Crys’ ॐ

Things change…Carpe Diem!!!

“Sometimes it takes a miracle to remind us
that the only permanent condition
is that of impermanence.”

…What if right now was all you got? What if tomorrow everything you hold dear just vanished? Things change, people change…that’s why each moment spent with those you Love must be treasured above all else.

Always say what you really feel, and say it straight! Don’t just expect people to know…because honestly you just might never get the chance to do it, and they might never get to know…and this you will forever regret.

Always do what you feel and LOVE, not what you’re expected to do…stop wasting precious Time!!!

Tomorrow just might be too late.


Crys’ ॐ

“Sometimes you’ll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory…”